A trendy product design

Much more than just an innovative appearance: an industrial design that optimises and simplifies the whole process. We create new products according to your needs, giving them added value and getting rid of high costs right from the start.

Products to fall in love with

Unique design without scrimping on functionality. We'll ensure the industrial design of your products maintains the perfect balance between aesthetics and costs: offering maximum reduction of the potential negative impact for you and your business.

Designed to make an impact

Everything your products need to reach a wider audience

Product design

The design of an innovative product is much more than an aesthetic design. When designing a product, its aesthetic design, functional design, mechanical design, electronic design and even the manufacturing process must be taken into account. From Neurafy we accompany you throughout the design of your product so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Mechanical design

When designing your product, we pay special attention to each of the components that make it work. An optimized mechanical design is the best guarantee to know that your products interact perfectly.

Prototype desing

We can only appreciate each of the details when we move from the digital to the physical environment, which allows us to assess the weak points and the strongest points of the designed product.

Product and market analysis

A study focused on making your product more accessible to the market, aimed at finding the highest number of opportunities and positioning you in relation to your competitor’s products, as smartly as possible.

Composition, shaping and processes

At Neurafy, we accompany you throughout all the stages of your product. All the parts that make up your product are aligned with the manufacturing and assembly processes.

Industrial ergonomics and aesthetics

Ergonomics designed to create the best user experience, without forgetting the specific characteristics of your product, each of its stages and the manufacturing process.

Disruptive products

We know how important it is to stand out, which is why we offer specific solutions to unique problems only found in disruptive products like yours.

When you think differently, you need your whole team to do the same. The Neurafy team will always be on hand to resolve those unique problems that stop your business from taking off and transform your weaknesses in sales arguments.

Simple, efficient and aesthetically pleasing design.
What more could you ask for?

At Neurafy, we help you from start to finish