The electronic products you deserve

At Neurafy, we bring your electronic products to life, from start to finish. We create your own hardware and help you to offer new products that boost the success of your business.

Much more than just electronic products

Electronic products are able to read a large quality of sensors, manage endless actuators and, thanks to current connectivity, it’s possible to create new product lines that help to boost your business.

Control everything that happens with your products in real-time with Neurafy.

Processes that capture your users

Every step counts.

Eliciting requirements

We analyse the usability of your current system and redesign it with requirements that offer 100% of the functionality you were hoping for.


The perfect routing for a functional product, away from cross-talk or EMC/EMI issues and without production, validation or certification problems.

Schematic design

We undertake a design overview focused on ensuring your products offer all the functionalities required, at the lowest possible cost.

Guaranteed process

We create, supervise and validate designs that comply with all quality criteria, optimising your time and reducing costs.


Give your products connectivity and nourish your valuable information systems that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere and in real-time.

Behaviour analysis

How do users actually behave and what actions do they undertake? We can answer this question so that you know what changes need to be made to your system in order to facilitate the user experience.

Full-stack Consulting

Not only can we help you during the development of your platform or device from start to finish, we can also accompany you during different stages of your project or advise you at certain stages during your processes.

At Neurafy, we take your projects to the next level.

Peace of mind, advice and ease, from start to finish

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