Make your products shine

Embedded software is at the heart of bringing your products to life. Despite being invisible, this software has the greatest influence on day-to-day life for your clients. This is why at Neurafy, we combine design, technology and functionality when creating your software. It allows your products to gain the visibility they deserve and improve your client experience.

Low level management

It’s becoming increasingly common to find connected, smart and self-managed products. As they’re digital, all of these have something in common: a software to ensure correct, efficient management. The development and management of this software is what differentiates products that clients fall in love with, and products they don’t.

A software capable of anything

Get the most out of your products

Software creation

A bespoke software designed for your business and expectations, taking your products to the next level in terms of functionality and usability.

Software integration

Manufacture and implementation of your new software as part of your product.

Motor control

Manage motors (AC; BLDC; Brushed DC) and give your product the movement it needs.

Sensor management

Increase the capacity of your solutions by increasing functionality, include Analogue and Digital sensors (Temperature, Light, Weight, optics, etc.) with which to automate and facilitate the functioning of your products.


Implementation of Wired and Wireless communications to connect your products to the cloud and to other devices. Experts in Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, Ethernet, Mesh Networks, etc.

Data collection

Diagnoses the status and functioning of your products, integrates systems that enable you to access more information, from the basis of the project.

Software monitoring and management

Get one step ahead of user needs, surprise them with new products and get the most out of all your systems. Evolve your products constantly or periodically. You decide and we’ll bring your idea to life.

Create new experiences for your clients, from start to finish.

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