Smart devices

Artificial intelligence that executes, processes and offers solutions from the device itself, without wasting a second.

Device-based artificial intelligence

Today, this type of intelligence monitors many products in order to achieve more efficient, real-time management: wearables, traffic lights, buildings, video surveillance cameras, access devices, and even digital signage.

More efficient and precise

Save on costs by decentralising your processes

Local device resolution

Artificial intelligence that executes and resolves issues in real time from the same device.

Performance patterns

Generate artificial intelligence patterns that facilitate information management, interpretation and analysis.

Connected devices

Although everything is done locally, the devices can be connected to facilitate greater functionality: a central information network that works locally, but collects globally.

Local information processing

Local processing enables more accurate and specific data management, as it doesn’t require communication between the device and the cloud resolution system. The system processes and resolves all the information required at the same time the action takes place.

Increased profitability in terms of collecting and managing your data

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