Smart Cities

Interconnected cities that facilitate an increase in quality of life for citizens and optimise resources using Artificial Intelligence.

Control transport functioning, minimise the impact and consumption of energy resources or access all socio-economic data for a city in just a few seconds. All this is possible with Neurafy.

Smart cities that optimise resources and reduce costs

The biggest challenge for smart cities is resource optimisation, where reducing operations costs really makes a difference.

As they’re always changing and evolving, digitalisation, automations and data push to achieve growth-based goals in an electrifying sector.

Neurafy, in the heart of the cities

We create solutions to make you stand out

Physical products

You bring the product idea and we'll bring it to life thanks to in-depth market, product, competition and user analysis. We create solutions that improve the traceability of your product.

We digitalise your product and advertise it to ensure consumer impact.


Specific and personalised software creation and development.

Creation and development of mobile applications to generate a great user experience with your brand and increase internal usability.


Online solutions to make your business faster, more accessible and more dynamic.

Forget about managing your computing structure and come up into the cloud with Neurafy: your flexible, secure platform, available anytime, anywhere.


We create smart patterns that interpret, translate and manage your data in real time, offering hidden information you would not discover otherwise.

Neurafy’s intelligent vision enables you to classify thousands of objects in just seconds, undertake object monitoring, control and traceability or the recognition of people in real-time, with no need for in-person supervision.

Smart devices that execute, process and offer solutions from the device itself, without wasting a second.

Street to street innovation

Smart buildings such as hospitals, offices or residential buildings, supplies such as water, electricity or gas, and transport or mobility services, both public and private, detect citizen’s needs and offer fast, efficient and quality solutions.

Data analysis, artificial intelligence or connectivity give access to endless possibilities to optimise resources and expand in an increasingly digitalised sector.

Choose technology to improve the quality of city life

At Neurafy, we help you from start to finish