Artificial Intelligence enables the logistics industry to optimise energy and resource consumption, undertake quality control in a way that is simple and streamlined, and generate more efficient, flexible and secure production.

We collect, analyse and manage your business information and data to optimise your processes in real-time.

From nothing to complete control

Improve your dispatch and packaging processes and always stay in control of your goods and reducing costs thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Manage your processes in a streamlined way and stay up to date with order volumes, product control and your team planning, thanks to Neurafy.

Optimisation in the logistics sector

We create solutions to make you stand out

Physical products

You bring the product idea, we'll bring it to life thanks to in-depth market, product, competition and user analysis.

We create solutions that improve the traceability of your product.

We digitalise your product and advertise it to ensure consumer impact.


Specific and personalised software creation and development. Creation and development of mobile applications to generate a great user experience with your brand and increase internal usability.

Thanks to Blockchain, you can improve efficiency costs at the same time as achieving more information and better control of your processes.

Smart contracts with automated management, reducing the time and costs involved in registering a new client.


Online solutions to make your business faster, more accessible and more dynamic.

Forget about managing your computing structure and come up into the cloud with Neurafy: your flexible, secure platform, available anytime, anywhere.


We create smart patterns that interpret, translate and manage your data in real time, offering hidden information you wouldnโ€™t discover otherwise.

Neurafyโ€™s intelligent vision enables you to classify thousands of objects in just seconds, undertake object monitoring, control and traceability or the recognition of people in real-time, with no need for in-person supervision.

Smart devices that execute, process and offer solutions from the device itself, without wasting a second.

Innovation in logistics

The supply chain within the logistics sector generates a huge amount of data.

Weโ€™ll help you undertake streamlined, fast and real-time data extraction, interpretation and management that, among others, enables you to better categorise your products, control routes or manage your stock in a way thatโ€™s 100% secure, efficient and unassisted.

Choose technology to transform your business and make an impact on the logistics sector.

At Neurafy, we help you from start to finish