Patient monitoring, appointment management, detection scanners and rapid and automated pathology prediction patterns are just some of the advantages that Artificial Intelligence can offer to the healthcare sector.

Virtual assistants undertake repetitive administrative tasks, increasing the levels of efficiency of healthcare staff, enabling them to dedicate their time to what is truly important: their patients.

Personalised and more efficient patient assistance.

Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector implies qualitative improvement both for the patient and for healthcare staff, as this tool enables data collection, measurement and interpretation.

It combines experience with AI precision and reduces the time involved in diagnosis, workload and improves patient care.

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Physical products

You bring the product idea, we'll bring it to life thanks to in-depth market, product, competition and user analysis.

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Patient monitoring enables the improvement of remote medical assistance and will help you offer the service your users deserve.

We design specific software adapted to the needs of both you and your patients, improving system usability and functionality.


Online solutions to make your business faster, more accessible and more dynamic.

Forget about managing your computing structure and come up into the cloud with Neurafy: your flexible, secure platform, available anytime, anywhere.


We create smart patterns that interpret, translate and manage your data in real time, offering hidden information you would not discover otherwise.

Neurafy’s intelligent vision enables you to classify thousands of objects in just seconds, undertake object monitoring, control and traceability or the recognition of people in real-time, with no need for in-person supervision.

Smart devices that execute, process and offer solutions from the device itself, without wasting a second.

Innovation in the healthcare sector

Today, innovation and technology, in addition to research and development, have become fundamental pillars in terms of achieving quick, personal and efficient assistance.

Data analysis and artificial Intelligence open up endless possibilities in terms of resource optimisation, extracting, analysing and interpreting data and information, and improving the prediction and monitoring of healthcare processes.

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