Artificial intelligence applied to support ... only automated answers? Do not offend AI assistants, please: natural, personalized and intelligent language that improves the relationship with customers and increases your productive process, with a conceptual model 100% addressed to your sector.

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Artificial Intelligence allows each assistant to understand your client's intentions and offer a natural and intelligent response: see how he extracts the intentions of each phrase:

How do I return?
What days of the week are you open?
The phone line does not work





Take advantage of the AI power to create a more human world

Raise the satisfaction of your customers with immediate, personalized, automatic and intelligent assistance, capable of serving hundreds of customers at the same time and with the utmost attention to detail: welcome to Artificial Intelligence.

Serve by voice or chat to your customers, take a leap in recruitment and loyalty, and incorporate the cognitive technology that best interprets your users.

leave your competitors behind

A happy customer is a customer who buys more, who recommends you to their environment and who increases their average ticket: change the rules of the game and get all the power of a virtual assistant. Save time and money.

Overcome the difficulties and take advantage with our technology .Generate value for your customers.

Artificial Intelligence is the PRESENT.

Automated services with which to offer a personalized, multi-language message that responds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Serve your customers simultaneously, optimize costs and take advantage to offer the maximum value to your users.

Areas of application

Any online sales area needs to improve improve their processes with a saving of time and money, no matter what their sector.

Neurafy can be integrated in a simple and intuitive way in all kinds of assistance, solving all the questions that your clients need.

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