Smart Building

Enjoy a new way of living using artificial intelligence to perform the best of you. Managing tasks, interacting and, ultimately, living. Our technology allows your clients to experience unimaginable experiences.

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Observe in this example how AI educates machines so that our AI assistant extracts the user's intention.

Turn on the lights of the kitchen
Lower the blinds in the room
Turn on the heating





Have you ever seen a building alive?

Neurafy's challenge is simple: we want to add value to the market, adding value to people.

How do we face it? With a tailored AI virtual assistant that transforms a normal construction into an intelligent building, by managing any device in the complex.

The buildings that take care and understand you

The cognitive technology of Neurafy allows a natural communication between building and people: the impossible becomes present, thanks to the management of devices, energy and areas.

However, we want to go further, we want your house to take care of you, to understand you, to protect you: we want to transform your way of living.

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Neurafy match buildings and people


Interact through voice and text. Manage any area or office environment, reduce consumption and look for a cleaner and more sustainable world.


A domotic room controlled by voice sounds very good to your customers, but ... what if we go further? A new channel where to offer personalized recommendations, a virtual butler that solves your doubts, at any time and in any language. Sounds better, right?


An unforgettable experience for the curious and a perfect solution for the partners: the virtual assistant is able, in an autonomous way, to offer information about the place where the stadium is located, its history. But also to guide the fans to the seats, report incidents and even collect suggestions.

A stadium, a team, a feeling: the Artificial Intelligence of Neurafy connects with you.


The history of museums, parks and places of interest managed by a virtual assistant that serves multiple users in multiple languages, in an automated and unassisted way. Choose smart and offer unique experiences