Artificial Intelligence will work hand to hand with your team-players! Besides your team will be dedicated and focussed in what really matters, with a conceptual model 100% focussed into your sector.

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 └── nfy_ecommerce_support_es (dispacher)
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A virtual assistant that improves the quality of life of all your employees, by means of a natural language that solves all the demands of your clients. Do not miss this practical example:

I am looking for a children's bicycle for 100 euros
I want a woman glasses
Show me the offers for today





Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize your customer care

Improve your recruitment actions, save in training areas and build loyalty to all your customers with an intelligent and personalized service 24/7 for each user, all as a result of our personalized virtual assistant.

Do you find it familiar?

Generating satisfied users is crucial for any business, although it is increasingly difficult to achieve: loss of customers due to the price war, new models of digital consumption, increase in the need for interaction and immediacy of service are the daily routine of the retail companies.

Neurafy gives you the possibility to take advantage using the AI power. With our cognitive technology you will bring a unique user experience.

Artificial intelligence is TODAY

Escape from your competitors with an AI virtual assistant that will guide your buyers within your ecommerce in an intelligent and personalized way that understands the needs before they are demanded. All of this with the aim to elevate the level of your customer’s satisfaction.

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At Neurafy we work to improve the lives of companies, improving the lives of your customers and your processes. Tell us what your challenges are and together we will revolutionize your brand.

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Areas of application.


Stop losing your customers. Automation is the key, AI the answer and Neurafy the tool. Answer in an intelligent, personalized and, above all, human way to the requests of your users.


Add new value to your stores. Physical experience is going to change drastically. Avoid long queues, offer guided payment methods and make your employees' day-to-day work easier with personalized automation. Neurafy is the answer.