Natural language and artificial intelligence for your business growth.

The virtual assistant that enhances your brand image

Can you imagine digitizing conversations with all your clients, both internal and external, in an intelligent and totally unassisted way? With our B2B AI assistants nothing is impossible.

Virtual Assistant

How to have a tailored AI assistant in the simplest way possible? Let Neurafy work for you. We create the assistant on our own server, and you only have to worry about accessing the information whenever you want. We use our predictive analytics to know the behavior of your customers and employees to optimize your business.

Neurafy, la Inteligencia Artificial que humaniza tu marca.

Deployed Assistant

A virtual assistant that works in local, and is able to be managed by text and voice: a bidirectional communication path between people and devices through a natural language that saves you time, resources and money. Cognitive technology designed to create experiences adapted to the way in which your users communicate with your brand.

Use Neurafy and create your own business personality.

Hybrid Assistant

The combination of both technologies provides an accurate and effective result: Our assistants can access various data sources, thus solving the needs of customers and employees. In addition, they can also link with physical devices to revolutionize the user experience.

Remember: the better results, the more emotional connection with your brand.

An assistant built to transforms and improves your processes.


Digitize interactions optimizing your time and your money. Tailored AI assistants use cognitive technology. Neurafy will give a 360 degree turn to your business process.

Greater capacity

Decrease management costs while increasing productivity and efficiency of your business: do not lose a sale again due to lack of resources.


The AI allows you to automate the all the queries from your clients, through chatbots and other management platforms. Save your employees time. The result? Intelligent optimization.


Get to all your customers. It uses all kinds of channels: your digital presence is key to providing added value.

24/7 support

The empathy and proximity of a quality AI virtual assistant brings added value. Make a difference.


Connect our AI assistants through your API and create a multifunctional link with all kinds of solutions. Your teamwork will thanks Neurafy.


Automatic learning and natural language processing. Our assistants are able to decide when to make a request abroad to expand their knowledge, modify their behavior and obtain a complete view of the user's needs.

Neurafy, intelligent confidence turned into a virtual assistant