Industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence acts as a perfect intermediary between people and machines, making it easier for communication to flow with a conceptual model 100% addressed to your sector.

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With AI your machines will understand your customers and employees through a natural language. See how a AI assistant extracts the user's intention:

Activate the assembly line 45
Tell me about the quality of the production 892
What end-of-line tests have passed the product 01122018xe2





The cognitive technology that optimizes your processes.

Can you imagine a factory without fails?

Containing all the employees is difficult, listening to each one of them complicated, motivating them every day to reach the objectives an adventure. However it is not getting the factory to operate continuously without any incidence to report: with Neurafy’s tailored AI, our virtual assistant will take care about the functioning of your entire production chain, as well as the processes and workers.

Revolutionize the operation of your company

A factory connected with the workers, whom it helps at all times, and that allows them to communicate by voice with the assistant so that he deals with both software and hardware through a natural language: a cognitive technology that unites factories and people.

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Neurafy increase your capabilities.


Neurafy not only interacts with users by voice or text, also is able to understand and communicate with any device in an automated industry, matching people and machines by AI and natural language.


Find a new way to relate to your building, saving energy and costs thanks to communication with machinery, plugs and access. Connect like a human.