Health Care

Process automation, appointment management, room optimization and organization ... all this achieved through the use of a natural language. We are obsessed with the quality of service. Choose Neurafy, save time and go further.

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See how Artificial Intelligence extracts the intentions of the messages received from your users and responds intelligently.

Make an appointment for next June 26
There is a traumatologist on duty
Do you have a visit available for Monday?





The future of healthcare is drawn today

Optimize the management of your patients by adding a virtual assistant responsible for the functions of classification, administration and validation of visits. Serve your users with a natural language, the result of our cognitive technology.

Automate customer services so that the energy of professionals focuses on what is really important, your patients.

What would a world be like without (too many) problems?

Imagine a patient who, despite his illness, comes to consult with a smile. Imagine that scheduling a visit is a matter of seconds. Imagine that the administrative management of each hospitality document is done in an automated way.

Stop imagining and open the door to the technology that will make your life easier.

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Artificial intelligence and automation is the answer.

Customer care

It offers assistance to hundreds of patients simultaneously. Always automating your services with a human and natural message. Hard to refuse, right?


We automate processes of acts, registrations and medical records. Offers diagnoses and dedicates the efforts to take care of the health of your patients.


Speed up all your laboratory processes with our natural language, and cut the time spent on each action: machines and people flow together in the laboratory.