The Deep Learning of Artificial Intelligence allows you to understand the needs of clients and employees to take care of them as they deserve, and achieve maximum security through a 100% conceptual model addressed to Fintech.

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See in this practical case how Artificial Intelligence gets our AI virtual assistant to understand the intent of each phrase of your clients.

Make a transfer to Jack of 500 euros
How much have I spent this month?
What balance do I have?





Could you imagine adding the potential of tailored AI to your business?

Protect your customers and employees, increase the loyalty rate and offer a personalized and interactive service. With us you will be available 365 days a year thanks to our applied cognitive technology.

Neurafy is capable of attracting clients as it frees your customer operators from repetitive and low-value tasks, and allows them to focus on caring for personal relationships and contributing business to the company.

How to capture the younger audience?

Millenials and Z generation are, by nature, more infidel consumers, since the price war, the dissatisfaction in administrative processes are very high barriers to loyalty, and this is where the Artificial Intelligence appears. Virtual assistants will make life easier for users and employees. AI assistants will help you.

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Ready for the power of Neurafy?

Human Resources

Integrate Artificial Intelligence into your company in a simple way and automate your training processes, investing the money saved to improve the lives of your customers and employees.

Customer Support

Revolutionize the relationship with your clients with Neurafy, integrating a virtual assistant to offer an immediate answer. Neurafy is multi-channel, multi-language, automated and personalized, with a natural language and in a disassisted manner: the definitive pill for your clients pains.