How Different Industries Can Use Chatbots

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Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic in the technology sector for years. Recent technological advancements have finally made artificial intelligence more accessible. Developers and tech companies are constantly looking for ways to incorporate artificial intelligence in everyday lives.

One of the most popular developments in artificial intelligence is the chatbot. Chatbots allow businesses to reach customers through messaging apps, which have recently surpassed major social media networks with number of active daily users. This allows businesses to go to where their customers are in order to provide customer service, make sales, and more.

While chatbots have received a burst of media coverage recently, many people don’t understand much about them, how they work, or how they can be useful. Some businesses and firms have already incorporated chatbots in their real-world operations. There are several different possible applications for chatbots. We will cover a couple of them in this post.

Chatbots for Real Estate:

Searching for a new home or apartment can be a long, difficult process that can require a lot of communication with a realtor. Using a real estate chatbot allows users to stay on top of recent apartment prices, open house schedules, and the best real estate investment options. This would reduce the workload of many real estate companies, and would allow customers to get fast answers at anytime instead of waiting for a response from a realtor.

Chatbots for Food Delivery:

A chatbot was recently used to order pizza from Domino’s at a demo during Microsoft’s ‘BUILD’ Developer’s Conference. This chatbot allows people to either type in their requirements or deliver the order through audio communication – rather than filling out an extensive online order form. This saves customers both time and effort!

Chatbots for Lawyers:

Chatbots can be used in the legal sector in a number of ways, as it allows you to quickly scan through large volumes of data, in order to track and pinpoint any anomalies possible. A chatbot that uses AI technology like Neurafy has the ability to search, interpret and summarize any huge amounts of data, almost 10 million times faster than a human counterpart. This allows lawyers to scan through their research and files, in a short time-span.

Chatbots for Events:

Savvy event enthusiasts make sure that they stay updated with all the latest events being held around their social circle. However, this demands them to ask around a lot, and keep their eyes on the prize all the time. Chatbots reduce this effort by helping such individuals look up their favorite events in a matter of minutes, purchase tickets, and much more!

Chatbots for Celebrities:

Celebrities are always looking for compelling ways to interact with their fans, hear what they have to say about their latest albums and enjoy the love they have been craving for. However, this is not as easy as it seems when you have a tour scheduled every month of the year. In such cases, chatbots allow celebrities to stay in touch with their fans on-the-go. Many celebrities such as Selena Gomez have launched their own chatbots – where they can answer different questions asked by fans.

The Bottom Line:

Chatbots not only allow businesses to revamp their techniques, but also promote effective communication between a firm and its client-base. By bridging the gap a business might have with its core group of passionate followers, it allows them to increase productivity. Moreover, business-driven entrepreneurs have the opportunity to approach their target market in an engaging and interactive way! Stay alert for our next post, where we will discuss more possible applications for chatbots.


About Neurafy:

Neurafy allows businesses to create custom chatbots using advanced artificial intelligence. Neurafy chatbots can be incorporated in messaging apps, websites, or individual apps. For more information on building a customized intelligent assistant for your company, contact us here. 

4 Amazing Benefits of Chatbots for Businesses


In today’s world, if you do not keep up with the latest trends then it is quite possible that your business will become history in a few years’ time. Nobody wants to lag behind in the race for innovation. Therefore, it is essential to adopt all the means and measures to keep your business updated with all the latest technology and marketing trends.

One of the most recent influential developments is the introduction of chatbots in local and international businesses. The problem with society is that instead of taking this phenomenon seriously, they actually tend to find the fun factor in it. For example, when Siri came out, people used to have fits of laughter by using it as a fun element instead of incorporating it in the most beneficial ways.

There are numerous chatbot benefits which work to enhance your business by increasing productivity, efficiency, and brand value including:

1. Better customer service:

Chatbots can provide great customer service, 24 hours a day. One of the best parts about chatbots is that they interact with customers just like a human would. Customers can add your company’s chatbot to their contact list to get answers for their questions and help with tasks, just as they would message any friend.

2. Chatbots are fast and easy to build:

Building a chatbot can be complicated, depending on the size of your company and the uses your chatbot will have. However, there are a couple of easy interfaces that allow businesses to create simple chatbots.

3. Messaging becoming the most common medium of communication:

One of the most notable statistics is that messaging apps have been able to beat the social media when it comes to interaction amongst the masses. Applications like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp have more active users in comparison to social media apps, which strengthens the notion that chatbots are extremely fruitful for any business.

4. The cost of a chatbot is affordable:

A chatbot benefit that undeniably takes the lead is that they can be inexpensive to build, depending on the commands you want the bot to carry out. This means that the budget of your company will definitely not be disturbed if you think of incorporating it. There should actually be increased revenues due to more efficiency, better customer service, and recuperating lost sales opportunities.

If you want to help your business save time and not lag behind the competition, you need to have a chatbot for your businesses. By doing so, you will be reaping numerous chatbot benefits that will help your business strive towards success.

How to Build a Useful Custom Chatbot


Currently, the 5 most frequently used phone apps are all messaging apps. This has helped bring chattiest into the spotlight, as a way to bring businesses to where the majority of users are, messaging apps. Businesses can create custom chatbots that use artificial intelligence to answer questions from customers and employees, help with sales, and more. Certain chatbots can connect with company databases to obtain the information necessary to help customers. A custom chatbot should also be able to read and analyze how customers interact with the bot, providing important consumer insights like common queries, popular products, unknown answers, etc.

Sometimes, chatbots can actually frustrate a person if they produce irrelevant answers to the users’ questions. Neurally custom chatbots will combat this problem and would draw more meaningful and appropriate answers for users.

If you are thinking of building a custom chatbot for your business, following these guidelines can actually make your chatbot more useful, lovable, and higher in demand amongst the masses:

1. It is important to understand its use and the benefits that it will bring:

How can you create something if you do not know how it can be and should be used? It is very important to gain complete familiarity with the kind of uses that it will have and what benefits users can reap. You must know that the chatbot will add value to the user’s experience with a particular website or app.

2. What kind of tasks will it be able to perform?

Remember that you are building something that is like a human and for humans, therefore, you cannot subtract the factor of human likeability from it. It should be able to perform one or two core tasks with the utmost focus. You are dealing with artificial intelligence here, so you need to make the bot intuitive and highly responsive.

3. Your bot should be user-friendly and come with proper guidelines:

If your chatbot is not easy to understand and easy to use, it can never gain popularity amongst the masses. It is important to come up with a menu which will help the user in navigation and not let them hanging in the middle of a task. The bot must be responsive and conversational with the user.

4. It must have a unique personality:

This is one thing that can either make or break your idea. If your chatbot has a unique personality of its own and is able to attract users to it, then you can pat yourself on the back for creating a successful product. Users love uniqueness and that is what your custom chatbot should be able to deliver.

If you have kept the above-mentioned points in your mind, you are almost ready to launch your product in the market. The key to making your custom chatbot successful with users is to keep their preferences and choices in mind without foregoing functionality.



How to Gain More Twitter Followers Quickly


Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. But, with so many active profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it can be hard to make your business stand out. Although marketing specialists say the key to helping your social media profile grow is posting quality content that will motivate users to share, following this tip can be ineffective without a certain number of initial followers.

Gaining followers is a concern for all businesses trying to gain customers on social media. The process can be fairly tedious, especially if you resort to following many users in hopes that they will follow back or liking posts in hopes that people will notice you.

Luckily, there are programs like TweetFavy that will do the work for you and can help you gain followers organically. TweetFavy takes the work out of growth hacking and can help you gain hundreds of followers in your audience of choice. TweetFavy interacts with users for you, so that you can focus on creating engaging content while your Twitter profile remains consistently active.

Automating your Twitter activity can have positive benefits for your business. It can help increase engagement and brand awareness, which can then be converted into more sales. TweetFavy can increase your brand’s online visibility by interacting with your target audience with Twitter likes. This is one of the most effective forms of growth hacking for your business’ Twitter profile.

What is an Intelligent Assistant?


There has been a lot of hype surrounding chatbots for the past couple of months. Facebook decided to introduce the chatbot feature to Facebook Messenger and Siri recently opened up for developers. Despite all this talk about chatbots there is still plenty of confusion regarding what exactly a chatbot does and the differentiation between a chatbot and an intelligent assistant.

When most people discuss chatbots they refer to bots that can answer basic questions for users using a standard Q & A format. There are a few chabots like Microsoft’s Tay that use artificial intelligence to learn from users and the general public to provide answers. The problem with this is that they are typically not customizable for businesses. This is where intelligent assistants come in.

Apple’s Siri, for example, is a fairly comprehensive intelligent assistant that was created to help users with everyday iPhone tasks. Unfortunately, a bot like Siri does not know how many items a company has left in stock, how many clients a company has, or any internal company information. Now, imagine if every business could have a Siri for their clients that did have all of this information?

Intelligent assistants that use Neurafy technology have achieved just that. Neurafy allows businesses to create their own intelligent assistant to help clients and employees using internal company information and/or external sources when necessary. Companies can train and customize their assistant to make sales, handle customer service, train new employees and more. All of this is achieved by giving Neurafy access to company information and inputting data.

Neurafy intelligent assitants can be integrated into different popular messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, and Telegram. The assistants can also be integrated into phone apps or websites. Having an intelligent assistant allows businesses to be available 24/7 from any device and from anywhere in the world. The days of having set business hours and losing sales due to a closed business are over.

Neurafy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a custom assistant for any type of business. Contact us today for more information on creating a custom chatbot or custom intelligent assistant.

Upcoming Trends in FinTech.

Many of you entrepreneurs might be wondering what FinTech is. Well, FinTech is a phrase increasingly chanted out in the media and technology circles. Yet despite it being so much in trend and in force, it is a term that still fails to familiarize itself with many tech-savvy and well technologically assisted entrepreneurs. Its importance, however, cannot be denied. FinTech is certainly not a buzzword or a catchphrase; it is an economic industry composed of many companies that make the use of technology to make financial services more efficient. FinTech is without any doubt radically changing how we live in as a society and how we involve ourselves in day to day businesses professionally.

What is FinTech?
All in all, FinTech refers to new solutions found in the technology startup scene that is lately disrupting sectors such as mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising etc. With a recent report from Accenture that has found how global investment in FinTech has skyrocketed to a massive $12 billion in 2015, major cities all around the globe are actively and aggressively pursuing technology talent in finance to ensure that they remain competitive. Governments are strongly aware that in order to continue driving their economies forward, finance talent most definitely needs to sit alongside technology talent.

How does FinTech help businesses?
From crowdsourcing to mobile payments, it has never been cheaper for entrepreneurs to not only set up their businesses but also expand them.

Crowdfunding, as an example, allows people with big ideas to get funding quickly and easily from people anywhere in the World, even the ones they haven’t ever met. Instead of wasting a handful amount of time and energy into setting up investor talks, entrepreneurs can now directly pitch to the World through securing sources of investment through a digital platform. Now, funds also roll on their screens within a matter of weeks rather than months.

With the landmark development of new technologies in finance come new ways to pay for goods and services (Payment Innovation) as well as the transfer of money. Banks are now perceived to be expensive and slow as startup business are flocking to new providers such as Square and Stripe who claim to provide better services to merchants. Also, the transfer of money across borders is another area that is being revamped and upgraded by innovators. Platforms such as TransferWise have encouraged firms and customers to switch from traditional and expensive banking solutions of sending money across borders to other alternatives of the digital transfer of money far cheaper than was ever previously possible.

Amongst all other upcoming trends in which FinTech has made it easier for businesses to work together at lower possible costs, wireless IT services such as the Cloud (helps in storage and transferring) and Big Data algorithms have provided astonishing value for businesses in helping them save time, space and money.

Reflecting in the paths taken by similar platforms gaining control in FinTech, Neurafy introduces to you a cloud-based technology that allows companies to interact with client or employees using artificial intelligence. Neurafy helps take companies take advantage of the new messaging app trend by allowing them to integrate a customized chatbot on their messaging apps, phone apps or even websites! With upcoming trends in FinTech allowing providers to innovate and adapt to user demands in a way that bigger corporations can only dream of, platforms such as Neurafy can improve customer services and develop personalized customer engagement by increasing employee efficiency as well as facilitating them in their training.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied Business



Certain sections of your business will feel the effect of artificial intelligence first – at whatever point information should be investigated, artificial intelligence is the ideal vehicle to accomplish this. With organizations gathering masses of data due to online networking, understanding this data and discovering its worth is great for artificial intelligence.

Chatbots are the most recent hotly debated issue in the realm of tech and marketing. Facebook’s late declaration about Messenger supporting chatbots and that they need to open a chatbot store demonstrates how they see the fate of social collaborations.
The principal question you need to ask is whether a chatbot would be beneficial for your business. There are a couple of standard uses for chatbots that may, or may not, work for your business. However, any business that would like to ease communication with clients or employees, should definitely consider obtaining a customized intelligent assistant for their business. Intelligent assistants can help businesses make sales, give exceptional customer service and help employees. These assistants can be added to some major messaging apps as if it were just another contact.

Robotizing client administration is a characteristic fit for chatbots. With a propelled enough counterfeit consciousness, chatbots could undoubtedly converse with individuals, distinguish what issue they have, give an answer and answer important inquiries.
Having a client administration chatbot creates a dependable customer service agent that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your business prides itself on excellent customer service, a customized intelligent assistant might be right for you.

One big advantage for intelligent assistants are their ability to learn what people like and dislike.
If your business provides a large range of products and services, some consumers may be a bit overwhelmed and unsure what to purchase. A chatbot could help guide them to the perfect fit for their needs.

At this moment, there are just a couple ways customers specifically interact with organizations, for the most part through email and online networking. It can be hard to have important discussions with substantial quantities of customers through these channels. However, computerizing these procedures make your business seem to be indifferent.
Intelligent assistants can change this by giving each client or employee a personalized experience based on their preferences.

Facebook’s late push into AI and their declaration of a chatbot store demonstrates that chatbots are the next big thing for businesses. Regardless of the possibility that you decide chatbots aren’t right for your business, you have to arrange your showcasing to represent their impact on the planet. By looking to the future and get ready for it, you can guarantee you don’t pass up a major opportunity for incredible open doors.
Neurafy can help businesses create customized intelligent assistants for customer service, sales, employee training, or internal company processes. Companies can train their assistants to become a tireless employee that is available 24 hours a day. Contact us today to learn about creating a custom bot for your company.

Chatbots: How Are They Changing The Way You Do Business


Chatbots are rising in popularity. As artificial intelligence has increased in popularity, so have these bots. Bots are responsible for responding to queries, troubleshooting important customer service problems, assisting users to find products and more.
Chatbots are computer programs that interact with the users in natural languages. The chatbot technology began in 1960s. Over the years, chatbots have emerged to be a renowned tool in many domains and arenas. There are many different benefits of chatbots. Some of these are:

They Strengthen Customer Service
One of the biggest benefits of chatbots is that they strengthen customer service. Customer service is there in every business. Good customer service related to good customer support and revenue. Chatbots provide exceptional customer service that is missing if a human goes on to do it. A chatbot can answer questions 24 hours a day, both repeatedly and accurately and the best part is that the bot won’t become tired of the questions. Chatbots can do both text based communication and others. Moreover, they can also resolve important issues in customer services, any glitches that there might be. Therefore, chatbots are exceptional for empowering customer service and they help in creating an incredible experience in general.

They Make Things Simple
Chatbot or businessbot also have it in them to simplify your purchase. Chatbots work in such a way that they make purchases simple and easy for you. There are certain chatbots that are powered with artificial intelligence and they will be able to read messages, look at the purchasing behavior, look at the browsing history and so much more. They also help the consumers to go through the curated products and they bring a whole new level of targeting capabilities to an already targeted digital space.
Chatbots, therefore, have it on them to make things simple. They simplify your purchases for you and allow you to not do a lot of work. They have it on them to do things for you. Chatbots, therefore, are multi purpose and multi functional. They work to improve the way you buy and sell things and this is by far one of their major advantages.

They Can Be Your All Round Assistant
Chatbot can also be your all around assistant. They serve in certain capacity in the work place but they can also be of immense help in your digital life. Chatbots can help in increasing productivity by working on behalf of the employees and doing many tasks that they themselves would have to do including delivering documents, resolving technical challenges and more.
Chatbots, therefore, help in saving time and can do so many things for you, allowing you to focus on things that are important.
Chatbots or business bots have a lot of benefits and are changing the way we do business. They not only help in making things simple and easy but they work to make things easy for you. Chatbots are giving artificial intelligence a new name and they are emerging as sole helpers of the human race.

4 Keys to Customer Service

Effective customer service is one of the most important factors for a successful business. The internet is flooded with websites containing negative reviews and complaints about companies, and more often than not those reviews come from negative customer service experiences. Piling up these negative reviews can hurt your brand’s reputation and drive away potential customers. Here are some ways to step up your company’s customer service experience in order to keep those negative comments away:

1. Treat Your Customers Like Friends: If a customer is calling for help, he has usually already tried different methods to solving an issue related to your company and may have already researched the information online unsuccessfully. At this point, the customer may be frustrated and looking for a quick solution. Nothing fuels this frustration more than coming across and unknowledgeable or rude customer service representative. It is important to always be friendly, helpful, and to the point. Ask customers about their day while you wait for any information and build a rapport with the client in order to ease any frustration.

2. Train Your Team Properly: As stated in the previous point, a lack of knowledge can lead customers to even more frustration. Nothing is worse than having to be transferred from department to department and having to explain your issue multiple times. First, make sure every person on your team is properly trained and has access to any necessary information. Neurafy can be used to answer any questions employees may have while helping a customer or during training. Second, make sure your system allows customers to reach the appropriate person the first time around. This reduces the need to transfer clients to different representatives.

3. Be Accessible on Multiple Platforms: Technology is changing the way customers interact with companies. The truth is more and more clients are starting to prefer receiving information via text messages, chats, social media, etc. because that is what they are using on a daily basis. Your company must be prepared to interact with clients on all of these platforms in order to increase customer satisfaction. Neurafy allows customers to access your information via text or voice.

4. Be Available When Needed: Depending on the type of business you are running, you may need 24 hour customer service. Internet based companies for example, receive clients from anywhere in the world. It may be 10:00 am for the client while it is 10:00 pm for the company. If there is no one available to answer their questions or solve issues, the client may be lost.

3 Revolutionary Ways Chatbots Can Help Increase Sales

Chatbots are the next big thing in business, especially where customer service is concerned. Many of the world’s largest technology companies have already begun integrating chatbots as a platform for customer interaction. Facebook is said to be adding a Bot Store to Facebook Messenger in order to allow clients to interact with companies via chatbots. Kik has also added a similar function to their messaging system. Neurafy allows you to chat with multiple bots via through the Telegram app. Chatbots are a new way for customers to interact with companies and get fast customer service, complete orders, and more.

Customer service goes hand in hand in sales. A bad customer service experience can bring any potential sale to a halt. The customer service process is used to offer extra products, ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, and ultimately enhance customer experience. Because customer service is such an integral part of the sales process, chatbots can help companies make more sales. Here is how:

1. More Accessibility: Chatbots do not sleep and do not require lunch breaks. This means they are available 24 hours a day, making your business accessible to your customers at any time. If a customer has a question about a product or service your business offers outside of regular business hours, he or she can still receive immediate answers and decide to make the purchase. Not having this 24 hour accessibility could have prevented the customer from making the purchase, as he or she could decide to put off the purchase until the question is answered, and then forget to return. Don’t lose business to others who do have 24 hour customer assistance whether it is via chatbots, live representatives or both combined.

2. More Flexibility: Apart from the 24 hour time frame where chatbots are available, they are also available on multiple devices. Neurafy Bot is accessible via mobile, tablet, or desktop through the Telegram app. You can add bots for multiple different companies as if they were just another friend or contact on your phone. Texting is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication over phone calls, meaning companies should adapt to this change and become accessible to clients through their preferred communication methods. For those who still prefer phone communication, Neurafy is also able to accept voice questions. Being accessible on any device makes your business more flexible and more accessible.

3. Complete Orders Directly: Chatbots allow clients to make purchases directly through the bot. You can train your bot to ask follow up questions to clients to help them complete their purchase. For example, a pizza shop can use Neurafy to accept orders. The user would access the bot via Telegram on mobile, tablet, or desktop, and make a request like “ I want to order a large pie” and Neurafy can respond “Would you like any toppings? Or “Would you like to order a drink” and so on until the order is complete.