How it Works

Neurafy uses artificial intelligence to help companies connect with more users and/or improve internal business processes.

Machine Learning

Neurafy is able to classify information and prioritize values in order to understand content. Neurafy never stops learning. Bots using Neurafy technology learn from user interactions on a daily basis in order to improve future interactions.

Big Data

Managing and obtaining the results we desire from piles of information is typically a difficult task, but what if our intelligent assistant did it for us? Neurafy can manage and analyze an endless amount of data to obtain the information that we request. Neurafy uses technologies such as Spark or Solr, making it possible to manage an enormous amount of information in a few seconds and in a way that the end user can easily understand. Using Spark or Solr also allows us to constantly develop and implement improvements to assistants created with Neurafy. You can find manuals and open source code online to acquire knowledge and apply it to your company’s assistant. Neurafy interacts with information in as many ways as a business needs.

Languaje Processing

Language Detection Neurafy can detect and adapt to 25 different languages.

Entity Extraction Neurafy can identify and classify different parts of a sentence. During a conversation, our technology can identify if the user is speaking about money or finances.

Sentimental Analysis

Neurafy can analyze each user’s feelings depending on the conversation and provide solutions to improve their mood. Transform any negative conversation into a positive conversation and improve the company’s reputation.

Internet Of Things

Do you want to open the garage door? Prepare coffee? Ask your intelligent assistant to do it for you. Assistants using Neurally technology can manage as many devices as you want.