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Neurafy is a cloud based technology that allows companies to interact with clients or employees using artificial intelligence. Use Neurafy to provide intelligent assistance on messaging apps, phone apps, or websites. Neurafy helps companies improve customer interaction, boost sales, provide support for employees, and much more.

Why Neurafy?

For the first time ever, there are more active users on messaging apps than on the most popular social networks. New app downloads and usage are decreasing, as users shift towards messaging apps. In fact, smartphone users are spending 80% of their time on just three apps: Whatsapp, Facebook, and Google Chrome.

Neurafy helps companies take advantage of this trend by allowing them to integrate a customized chatbot on messaging apps, phone apps, or websites. How will having a chatbot help your business?

1. Improve customer service.

2. Create a new channel to sell products or services.

3. Develop personalized customer engagement.

4. Make your business accessible 24 hours a day, from any part of the world.

5. Give employees instant access to company information to increase efficiency and facilitate training.

How it Works

Neurafy uses artificial intelligence to help companies connect with more users and/or improve internal business processes.

Machine Learning
Language Processing

Sentimental Analysis
Big Data


Access Neurafy

Integrate your assistant to different platforms.

Mobile Integrate your assistant directly with your phone app.

Web Integrate your assistant to your website to help customers make purchases, answer questions, and more

Social Integrate your assistant to messaging apps like Telegram, or Facebook Messenger so users can add your bot as another contact.

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